Professional Balloon Twister Apron (detachable)

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
SKU: B121
Adjustable belt : Min width 85 cm, Max width 120 cm

Professional Balloon twister Apron

Professional balloon aprons is perfect for walk around balloown shows or just for regular balloon gigs.

Size 43cmx34 cm with  adjustable belt. The maximum width around waist is 120 cm, minimum weidth 85 cm

Apron has 2 layers of velcro tabs which will secure your twisting balloons. Each of 12 velcro tabs will be able to hold up to 100 balloons. You can hide the ends of the twisting balloons in one large full size back pocket. Plus aditional 8 pockets in front is a great storage for pump, balloon utilities and circle and shaped balloons. Also 1 big pocket on a back of the apron.

Color: Black

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